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A Christmas Variety show 2011 -- #1

Here are Lynnette holding Owen and Daddy (George) helping Norah -- their family picture :-P

Lynnette's niece Kaylie, sister Jamie, dad Lloyd, mom Melissa, and brother-in-law Gaylen & new baby Cole (not pictured) also came to enjoy this special Christmas Day at the Ogden's - it was a FEAST :-)

Norah, Lynnette and Jamie opening a present.

sleep well ... but not long, Tim :-P

Here's OWEN EMMETT OGDEN - 2 weeks old.

Emma wants to know who's taking mommy away - never fear, little one ... it's just little Owen

Laurie-girl, Norah-girl and Evoly-girl feasting on din-din <3 at Norah's new table and chairs <3
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A Christmas Variety Show 2011 -- #2

Everyone enjoyed the "snow" that Nannie made to play in <3

some of 'the girls' wrapping presents

Livvy lovin'up Emma

the boys cleaning up my garage - THANKS FELLAS!!

Diane delivering her FAMOUS Christmas rolls ~~ YUM

Us eating the famous Christmas rolls ~~ YUMMIER

Blake's hurts his toe - I think it was the only casualty of Christmas :-P

Sarah and Evoly enjoy Christmas Eve <3

Michael reads the Christmas Story to all.

Emily and Carlos sing a new carol.

the boys horsin' around - no one got hurt!

We all sing some Christmas songs around the pi-an-nee.

Christmas Morning! The tradition is that everyone comes in to Nana's room (with eyes closed as they pass through the living room) and we tell the Christmas Story and say a prayer before STOCKINGS!! It was FULL this year with 21 people on and around my bed <3 I was in HEAVEN for sure :-D

The blind-folded walk down the hallway before seeing what Santa brought (notice the bionic possessed cat?? hehe)

we all DRINK -- sparkling apple cider of course!

Elaine GETS HER BOOTS!! ...

... not to be outdone by baby sis Emma!!
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In the busyness of Christmas Day at the Ogden's ....

... we missed getting a family picture of the Ogden's. :-(
Above is George and Norah sitting with Sarah and Evoly opening some presents (which we did one person at a time :-) torture to be sure :-D ) ... and below ... Lynnette and Norah open another present, with Livvy and Tristan (who felt pretty crummy all day)

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The Heilmann's Christmas Day 2011

Julian, Timothy, Tristan and Olivia ~~ Christmas at George's & Lynnette's home
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Emma at the Falls

1 year old Emma Louise Chacon, 2011
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Multnomah Falls in the rain Dec 2011

The Chacon's are on their way back home shortly after this <3 Carlos, Emma, Laurie, Miriam, Elaine and Emily <3
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The Reyes' on Christmas Day 2011

Evoly and Sarah ~~ Evoly calmed down by the time the "Nana" picture was taken :-D
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